“One man, two women, only one can be a winner”

 winners cover
Redwood Stables is a hive of activity as fearless female jockey Paris O’Shea and her groom merrianne Ryan get ready to put tetchy thoroughbred mare Destiny through her paces at the Limerick races.
Paris is a real winner in life and has little time for other people’s errors. she and horse-trainer Derry Blake make a dynamic couple as they announce their engagement. If only her father Paddy would stop drinking and get over the past, everything in Paris’s life would be perfect.
Merrianne is fed up with being ordered about and dreams of being a lady who lunches with a stunning wardrobe. But can she really turn her back on her hippie mother Shula and her string of toy boys?
Neither of them can know that one event during the following day’s racing will change both their lives forever, and test their inner strength beyond its limits.
Get set for a racy read as we find out what Paris and Merianne are really made of.
Winners is available on Amazon  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jacqui-Broderick/e/B001JP4DH6