Shane Broderick was a natural, a jockey who drew the very best from horses. A hero of the Irish race-track, he was heading for the top, winning fame with the much-loved Doran’s Pride.
The disaster struck. On the day of the Irish Grand National in March 1997, a simple fall in an ordinary race changed Shane’s life for ever. He would never ride again – he was completely paralysed from the neck down.
Based on extensive research and personal interviews, The Shane Broderick Story charts the course of Shane’s career, from ‘donkey derby’ winner to stable-boy to star jockey of Irish racing and beyond – from race-track to rehab and the beginnings of a new life. It also reveals the ways in which the close-knit racing community reached out to help one of its own when tragedy transformed his world.
The Shane Broderick Story is a rare insight into the world of racing, investigating the triumphs of career success and human courage in the face of adversity.

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