Stella O’ Rorke came to Dublin to escape from the harsh poverty that she grew up with in county Mayo. Now  twenty-six Stella has worked her way up the career ladder at MiMi Magazine and wants to get married and settle down. the only problem is that she is determined not to end up a poverty-stricken drudge like her mother and so she has to marry a man of means – or better yet, a millionaire.
Amber Casey shares an apartment with Stella. amber’s only ambitions are to make her pay packet last longer than the weekend and to stop being at the beck and call of her demanding family. Amber has no desires to find a rich boyfriend. Just a nice man would do.  Amber always seems to attract the type of men who treat her like dirt. Even though the two women are worlds apart in their attitudes they are best friends.
But will these friends end up with the diamonds they are searching for.
‘A gripping tale of love and greed’ IN DUBLIN

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