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A fun few weeks

J/ September 11, 2018/ Blog

The Dublin Show was as wonderful as ever. It was made more special by having fantastic company to share it with. We watched the Nations Cup, seeing the trophy carried off by a deserving and very excited Mexican Team. Trump is going to have to build his wall higher , because boy those riders can jump! Unwilling to leave the

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A Quick Paint Job

J/ August 3, 2018/ Blog

  Having visitors descend on my home soon from every corner of the globe is cause for great celebration. I can’t wait. There is an underlying sense of panic about how I am going to get my latest book finished so I can spend time enjoying their company. There is also an underlying sense of panic about finding the time

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Goodbye old friend

J/ July 3, 2018/ Blog

  It is very hard to say goodbye to a much loved member of the family, regardless of whether they are human or animal. So it was with a very heavy heart that I finally made the decision to put our oldest pony, Badger to sleep recently. The very cross looking pony arrived as part of a batch for breaking

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Back in the Saddle

J/ June 13, 2018/ Blog

  Hello again. I’ve been AWOL for quite a while, but with good reason. It’s been a very strange year. This time last year my father and step mother were both diagnosed with cancer. My step mum was going through chemotherapy and my father dealing with hormone injections. I didn’t know then but his cancer was already too far advanced

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Small world

J/ July 10, 2017/ Blog

Small old world the equestrian world, especially now that we have Facebook and google, it has never been simpler to find anything – or any one. I received a message via Facebook over the weekend from a lady who said she believed I was the breeder of a horse she owned and went on to say the horse’s name and

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Alone again

J/ July 4, 2017/ Blog

Growing up in utter isolation in the countryside gives a child an independence that will stand them in good stead forever.   I learned from an early age, that if I did not do things alone, I didn’t do them at all. I would see groups of pals that grew up in the estates and towns and never felt that

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Badger never forgets

J/ June 26, 2017/ Blog

  Sometimes on a wet Sunday it is best just to batten down the hatches and give up trying to do anything except curling up with a good film on the TV and a fire – well it is June after all! I was just getting ready to stop for the day and curl up with The Devil Wears Prada

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A great first review

J/ June 12, 2017/ Blog

Can’t believe how long it is since I last blogged. Life somehow just seems to fly by without a second to blog, there has been plenty going on. Something that has been very important to me is that my children’s book, ‘A Pony For Free,’ has just been published by Lavender and White. The original idea for the book was

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Water, water, everywhere

J/ April 12, 2017/ Blog

  Household chores are usually done with my mind on autopilot, sorting the laundry, unpacking the shopping, all done with my brain off doing its own thing, generally working out plots for books or unravelling plot cul-de-sacs. My foot squelching on the bathroom carpet brought me rapidly back to earth, something was very definitely wrong. In the dim evening light

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Slowly. Slowly…

J/ April 6, 2017/ Blog

Student Nurse AKA Cat Girl has been spending the last few months on work placement. This has involved everything from holding the hands of expectant mothers as they give birth, sobbing uncontrollably at the beauty of a caesarean to helping with geriatric and psychiatric patients. Her last placement was at a centre for people with psychiatric problems and a lot

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