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Water, water, everywhere

J/ April 12, 2017/ Blog

  Household chores are usually done with my mind on autopilot, sorting the laundry, unpacking the shopping, all done with my brain off doing its own thing, generally working out plots for books or unravelling plot cul-de-sacs. My foot squelching on the bathroom carpet brought me rapidly back to earth, something was very definitely wrong. In the dim evening light

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Slowly. Slowly…

J/ April 6, 2017/ Blog

Student Nurse AKA Cat Girl has been spending the last few months on work placement. This has involved everything from holding the hands of expectant mothers as they give birth, sobbing uncontrollably at the beauty of a caesarean to helping with geriatric and psychiatric patients. Her last placement was at a centre for people with psychiatric problems and a lot

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How meditation can help with creative writing

J/ March 29, 2017/ Blog

Using meditation to help with your creative writing I don’t know about you but I find that writing is a kind of meditation. In order to write you have to disconnect from reality and slip into the world your characters inhabit. I find meditating helps with plot problems that inevitably crop up, by disconnecting from the reality around and giving

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Opportunity Knocks

J/ March 22, 2017/ Blog

When I eventually opened the files on my computer I noticed that they were ten years old. Ten years since they had last been worked on, ten years since the happy conversation with my agent friend, who had asked me to write a book for her, based on a humorous article I had written based on my then life of

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On his last legs

J/ March 15, 2017/ Blog

Pearl took one look at me, as I walked across the field to catch her, and ran. There was an air of sheer defiance about her as she galloped down the track from one part of the field to another, Kinsale in her wake. The two of them ran into some gorse bushes at one end of the field. I

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J/ February 28, 2017/ Blog

It was so brilliant to see Midnight after her operation; it was as if she had been given a new lease of life. She had survived the operation and the illness. Once she started to recover she did so very quickly and was soon back to herself, in fact better than she had been for years. It was as if

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The battle of the bogland

J/ February 14, 2017/ Blog

One of the joys of living on the edge of Connemara is the openness. Open land stretches in every direction, swathes of long, wild grass, broken only by patches of gorse and heather. In the distance the gentle rolling foothills begin, patches of green scattered with granite boulders dumped at random by the ice age that created the mountains of

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Racing Results

J/ February 6, 2017/ Blog

Today I have to google to get the race results, but twenty years ago the result of the 3.05 Comet Chase at Ascot was terribly important. I’m just as keen on horses and racing twenty years on as I was then, but the obsession with which I followed my favourite horses has certainly waned somewhat. I watched the race, a

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Homecoming Surprise

J/ January 26, 2017/ Blog

After three weeks of purely hedonistic pleasure wandering around India, it was back to reality with a bump. I arrived home to be greeted with the alarming news that our elderly Labrador was at the local vet’s on a drip having been found clearly very unwell by Student Nurse. A call to the vet’s surgery informed me that the dog

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Equestrian power shower

J/ October 17, 2016/ Blog

At the weekend we competed in a local hunter trials in the pairs, we arrived early as I wanted to go to a point to point in the afternoon. It started to rain as we unboxed and rode into the warm up area. Disaster, one of the jump stewards did not turn up and so the event was 2 hours

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