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Confessions of a show pony.

I have such a stressful life. And such a hectic schedule. My busy life is filled with training and competition which leave me so little time for relaxation. I have to say that a day at the spa is a very welcome change. I love it here. They really know how to treat a lady. Especially one as well bred as me. My mother told me that my father could trace his ancestors back many, many generations. She wasn’t quite so well bred, I do believe that quite a few of her ancestors actually pulled carts, but I try to keep that very quiet.  Actually she only met my father on one occasion, but she said that it was a passionate encounter and she never forgot how handsome he was.

“This way, beautiful,” says Danny, as he leads me towards the spa, for my day of pampering. A top class show jumper like me should come here every day, rather than doing those endless circles and jumps that I have to do at home. Soooo boring. But I do it to humour Jane, she seems to think that it does me good.  First of all I have a swim in the salt water pool, not my favourite activity, but Danny is so sweet I do it to oblige him. Another client is just coming out of the pool, dripping salt water all over the floor as he walks up the ramp. He once told me that he won a race at Chetenham, but one of the other clients told me, in confidence that he fell at the first fence recently. I glare at him jealously; he comes here every day for a swim.

“Just a couple of laps,” Danny smiles winningly, as I walk into the salty water. He walks along the edge of the pool encouraging me as I swim with my legs going furiously in the salty water and my nose wrinkled against the seawater smell. I have often heard Danny say to Jane that the water is good for my legs and my muscle tone.  After my swim the real pampering begins. Massage…. every inch of my back and neck and quarters are soothed and stroked, pummelled and pounded and it feels wonderful. I can feel all of the tightness oozing out of my body, I feel toned and supple, just how I need to feel if I’m going to win the big class on Sunday. I’ll bound over those jumps and really twist and turn in the jump off.  I might even do one of my spectacular skidding stops at the last fence just to make sure that Jane is really paying attention.

The chiropractor sorts out all of the kinks in my back.  All I need now is a facial and a full seaweed body wrap to draw out any toxins. Not of course that there are any toxins in my body. I am a top class athlete and I make sure that I only eat the finest, most expensive organic feed on the market, with all of the most expensive supplements to keep my joints supple and my coat gleaming. Only the best for me!

As my day at the spa draws to an end I meet another client who is coming to be pampered. He is a very handsome dressage stallion, with gorgeous brown eyes and fantastic muscle tone. He comes to the spa every week for a massage. I wish I did dressage…..

And then it is over……time to leave the spa and return to the real world. Danny leads me out of the spa Jane is there to collect me as. The poor dear looks worn out, as I suppose she would. She has to do two jobs just to keep me in all of my little essentials. New shoes, enough vitamins and supplements to stock a small chemist and of course regular visits to the spa for my massage and pampering. But I am sure that Jane will agree. I really am worth it!



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